Thursday, September 29, 2011

Call Me Crazy (Please)

Some people have said that I'm crazy to teach middle school. To be honest, for many years, I told myself that I wouldn't teach middle school in a million years, even though I was certified (6-12 cross-categorical special ed). When I found myself teaching 8th grade, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it, but I just knew I would never teacher 6th grade--I couldn't imagine trying to reason with 11-year-old kids with emotional-behavioral disabilities.  They barely have concrete thought down at that age; how would I be able to reason with them?

Today, sixth grade is my absolute favorite grade to teach.  I seriously love these kids, which is part of the reason I make a fool of myself during Spirit Week. To see their looks of merriment, terror, eye-rolling disbelief, and curiosity as I "gallop" down the hallway on my "horse" tickles me. Today was Crazy Day, and doing my mother proud, I represented well. 

Yes, I'm crazy. Happy, fun, silly, putting-my-heart-out-there crazy.

And I'm totally cool with that.


  1. You teach middle school. 'Nuff said!

  2. I wonder what happens at your place during Halloween.

  3. Crazy but one fun kinda gal!!!

    I always loved Spirit Week and I've have some get~ups myself!

    Have a great week sweetie!

    Fun!!! :o)

  4. Teaching MS is the best! Where else can you get away with things like Crazy Day? ;)

  5. So this New York runway look is called...? Whatever it is its pretty crazy. Sort of a Cat in the Hat meets Halloween's Jason carrying a miniture baby doll all the while riding a stick horse. Hmm what would Sigmund Freud say?

  6. Is that you, is that really you? You are the best sixth grade teacher I never had.

  7. I like the middle school age group best because you can have so much fun with them! You are one crazy teacher--love your costume and your horse!

    When I used to dress up as a clown for our AWANA club, the kids liked it because I was just silly; there's just something freeing about being a clown (I didn't use any makeup though--my big red nose was enough.

  8. That is great! I totally love the look!!! Awesome!

  9. That's a crazy amount of spirit! Your kids must adore you.


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