Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #162

It's the first Friday Fragments of the regular season of NFL football, and I am feeling football fragmenty. Thanks for stopping by. [To learn more about Friday Fragments, click on the tab above.]

*You may or may not know (I didn't.) that when a team wins the Super Bowl, the NFL kicks off the season by throwing a FREE "Block Party" for the team's city. Today, the festivities officially started in Green Bay this afternoon with a live, outdoor concert featuring Maroon 5, Kid Rock, and Lady Antebellum. It's 7pm now, and  a newscaster just described the scene as "Packer Pandemonium."

*Mr.4444 and Kyle are going to the game. Kendall is just going to the block party. I'm staying home (I enjoy a quiet house.), but I have to admit to wishing I was there, on some level--I like Packers Pandemonium a lot.

*I wrote an email excuse for Kendall to leave school early today. "Please excuse Kendall at 11:30am today. She will be participating in a family ritual."  The reply was:   :)

*Our sixth grade students have little awareness of 9/11 since they were only toddlers when it happened. They don't truly understand the significance of the Twin Towers (as symbols) being attacked. I don't mean this facetiously when I say that when I teach them about it, I'm going to use Lambeau Field as an example. I'm certain that will hit home for most of them:  Twin Towers is to America as Lambeau Field is to Green Bay.

*I'm sorry I have not visited your blog or replied to your comments (though I've read them all) this week. I'm a teacher--It's been crazy busy this week. I am loving it, though; being around the energy of eleven-year-olds is wonderful, really.

*The fighter jets just flew over our house on their way to Lambeau (That never gets old--I love it!), and that's my cue...

Now it's your turn! Leave your Friday Fragments link here, and enjoy the party!


  1. A fun book to read to kids that mentions the towers but not the tragedy is The Man Who Walked Between The Towers. The words mention how 'there used to be towers' and how 'the towers are gone'. I think it helps start the conversation.....if a conversation needs to be started.

  2. I ate lots of cheese today hoping it was an ill omen for the Packers. I should have abstained. Sigh.

  3. I love the response from Kendall"s teacher.

  4. Interesting thought about the local symbol. Please don't forget the other two planes. The people lost of course are the big lost.
    I was listening to a radio program about a woman who lost her mother. She now travels the world telling her story and doing her part to stop terrorism. I remember one part of the story well - she was overseas and talking to Middle Eastern students about her mother. One spoke up that they were confused because they were taught that the planes had no people on-board.

  5. What does :) mean? What kind of response is that?

    Time goes so fast, the attack doesn't seem all that long ago.

    Must be a fun thing to win the Super Bowl and still keep celebrating the beginning of the next season--I didn't know about the block party thing. Wonder when Cleveland will get to experience this.

  6. Your enthusiasm for your team is fun to watch. I am still laughing about your family run around your house in snow.

    I don't know how to teach kids about 9/11. That would be a tough challenge. Good luck.

  7. No link up today as I'm so tired I decided to take a week off from blogging. Third week of teaching wore me down to a nub!

    Funny about the Pack. We dislike them in Chicagoland of course, but my son who is at LSU was rooting for them last night since the "Saints fans are so incredibly obnoxious..."


  8. Exciting day for Packers fans.....I'd be a fan just for the concert..great line up!

    I'm not a huge football fan certainly not of my cities team -The Bills! But my hubby likes to watch and I like being with him and pretend I get what a first down is!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Using Lambeau Field is a great idea; it's something they can relate to.

    I'm so excited for football season. Falcons play the Packers on October 9 -- we'll have to come up with a bet. :)

  10. Welcome back to school! I hope you are having a good week :) Have a great weekend!

  11. There's a chance, albeit a small one, that the Lions will actually show up on January 1 to play.

    I sent an email to my son's teacher and this was the response: k. I think I like the :) better!

    Have a wonderful week-end !!

  12. I love your excuse for getting Kendall out of school! Love it!!!

  13. Ah yes, football season is back. Hope everyone in the 4444 family is well. Thought I would stop in to say hello. I'm not back in the blogging mode just yet, but I did think of all of you when the Pack opened the season last night. Enjoy!

  14. Well, I'm a dyed in the wool, black-and-gold-bleeding, Steeler fan, but that party sounds fun! ;)

  15. I'm sure you can only imagine how excited the Ski house was to have regular season football back! We were even more excited with the win, although we had no doubts that the Packers would pull out a W. My husband's cousins were at the block party...not sure if they went to the game or not. I will say I barely recognized Green Bay when they did the aerial shot...all those people!!! Made me wish I was there. The fighter jets always give me goose it! And I love you Mrs. Fours, but I know you knew that too! :)

  16. Enjoy your quiet house. Both my kids are napping right now and I couldn't be happier for the down time.

  17. I myself am fond of Packers fans. I bet that block party was awesome! I love how it seems her teacher knew what family ritual was so important. We were set to watch that game after the president's speech but we had a massive power outage, if we wanted to watch the game we had to go two hours North.

  18. I love Kendall's teacher! Oh here we go football season. Here in Philadelphia I'm not so sure this year. I gave Michael Vick the pass last year agreeing he did his time{actually more time than one of the murderers of my brother]and lets just see how he steps up. Now this year he is making way too much money too soon and wants to get a dog...not so sure I can get past this. The Eagles are starting to have more ex-cons than congress!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my guest post at "Books read and Make-up done." Isn't that just one of the best names for a blog??
    Have a blessedly quiet weekend!!


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