Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday Fragments: Episode #163

I'm hanging up my Friday Fragments shingle and rushing off to a Choir Parents Meeting. Feel free to link up, and I'll add the rest of mine when I get home! First time here? Click on the Friday Fragments tab at the top of the page.

***Summer slammed the door in our Wisconsin faces today and kicked fall out of the car as it sped away! Brrr!

***Our annual Block Party is Saturday night. I'm bringing cakepops (with peanut butter M&M's inside) and guacamole. The 4444 family is very much looking forward to an afternoon/evening/night of fun!

***Speaking of fun, Kyle is coming home for dinner tonight with about ten college friends. He requested my Chicken Spaghetti, with Apple Dumplings for dessert. A visitor to my cooking blog noted (in a Stumbleupon review) that there isn't a single thing there that she would make...adding something about everything being horribly unhealthy. My response?    "So?!" lol

***Selfless Marine, Dakota Meyer, received the Medal of Honor today from President Obama. His story is  humbling. We are blessed to a man like him representing our country.

***My sister, Michelle, found this gem on The Oatmeal.

My apologies to the artist, for tweeking out the "f-bomb," but this is not an f-bomb kind of blog. Hopefully, you got the idea.

***And finally, this video. It's making its rounds around the internet, and it's just beautiful. I hope Mr.4444 loves me this much when we are old and gray.


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  1. Sounds like the rude commenter needs a place on the Favorite Hate Mail blog. I think your recipes sound delicious..maybe she finds it necessary to make rude comments because she's too busy eating raw carrots and is grouchy because she's depleted her carbs?

  2. I totally agree with your tupperware graphic... bot about blurring the f-bomb and the total waste of time it is to find lids...

  3. I wish we had block parties. Sounds so fun!

  4. Would you believe I STILL have not had a cake pop? I really NEED one (or five...).
    The tupperware thing really hits home, I was searching all over for lids last night. Grr!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm emailing the tupperware graph to my wife. so true.
    enjoyed the video clip

  6. I do not know where to start. Loved every bit of your fragment. I cook spaghetti all the time in my home, but apple dumpling on short notice for more than ten college young men! And the video, that is the most lovable couple in the whole wide world!:) I do not know what I am recording just cracked me up. Thank you Mrs4444. And I love your portrait. I am still working on mine:)

  7. That video is great!

    Peanut butter m&ms inside cake balls? That is genius!

    The graphic from The Oatmeal is so true. lol

    Happy Friday to you!

  8. I kept seeing that video but hadn't wanted to take the time to see it - tonight, I had the time. When that man said, "Pull down your dress a little and I can see your boobs." I about fell off the couch! hysterical! Thanks for suggesting I watch it.

    I haven't made cake pops, but I've had the birthday cake ones at Starbucks every so often.

    I have only four sizes of gladware and four lid sizes. It's one of the few things that I have completely and totally organized, but years ago I would have totally related to that pie chart.

  9. LOL About the Tupperware graphic!! So true...

    I wanna come to your Block Party! Sounds like so much fun. And maybe I just want to come to eat YOUR contributions, yummy!!!

    Okay, now to go type up my post ;)

  10. We are defintely blessed to have the likes of Dakota Meyers out there protecting us. My hat is off to him and my undying respect and gratitude are owed.

    Now, ain't that just the truth about Tupperware?! lol

  11. This is a very inspiring and beautiful video of what marriage is all about. I love it!

  12. Oops, I thought this video was a different one when I left the above comment. Then I watched it and found out it wasn't the one I thought it was so ignore my prior comment.

  13. I actually own very little Tupperware (although I do have the semi-disposable Ziploc and Rubbermaid stuff, because my mom had a cabinet for the containers and a drawer for the lids and nothing ever seemed to go together!

  14. OMG, I loved that video! Haha! So funny. And that Tupperware graphic is SOOOO true.

  15. The Oatmeal is awesome... & speaks the truth! :)

  16. I can't believe how rude people are...didn't their mother teach them if you don't have anything nice to say...blah blah blah! Your block party sounds like a great way to end summer...have ablest! Love that video it's too funny! Happy Friday!!

  17. oh that video cracked me up! that is so my mother!!!! i want to be that old couple some day ;-) what a sweet guy!

    woohoo block party! our block does a round robin meal, going house to house for each course. we love it!

    thank you for highlighting our soldiers!!

    i love fattening... er, i mean good recipes!!!

  18. She doesn't make anything that's unhealthy? HA! I'm sorry but I love those recipes. She must lead a sad life.

    I had that lid problem yesterday. I cannot tell you how many extraneous bowls and lid we have. I'm not actually sure any of the lid fit the bowls anymore.

    Fox & Friends interviewed that couple yesterday morning. They are TOO cute. :) Apparently they've only been married 8 years.

  19. Love the Tup graphic. And so true... thanks for editing the F### word. As teachers we hear it enough, thank you very much. Even in Honduras . . . my kids try to use swear words. Not the F one, but our equivalent.

  20. You never promised that your cooking blog would be filled with HEALTHY recipes! And that's why I like it! I will have to make that chicken spaghetti sometime! Have fun at the block party!

  21. That tupperware chart is so right on.
    I HATE our freakishly cold weather right now. Oy.

  22. How did the Cake Pops come out?

    I do love that video of the older couple. So funny and I am sure it will be you and Mr. 4444s in about 100 years. Happy Weekend!

  23. I LOVE the tupperware graphic! It is so frickin' true!

    Our summer (which started the first week of August this year) ended abruptly too... *sigh* I guess there's always next year to look forward to!

  24. Love the chart. So true.

    Did you call me?

  25. I hate to say it (especially since there may be people not happy about it) but I wish Summer was kicked out here, there's nothing worse than a hot Fall.

    The block party sounds fun. The cakepops sound yummy, I still haven't tried making them yet. Also how awesome to still have a mom that takes special food orders, I miss that. Great response to the commenter. I'm so annoyed with self righteous cooks. Like Anthony Bordaine, the way he tried to slam Paula Deen.

    That Tupperware graph is so right. Annoying!

    Great Fragments Mrs.4444

  26. I am embarrassingly (is that a word?)late...but at least it's before Friday rolled around again!

    Hope you had an awesome time at the block party...I'll have to check Saturday's post to see if you filled us in!

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