Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Again?! I Just Did It Yesterday!

MamaKat, of Mama's Losin' It, has a weekly writing prompt. When I saw this prompt, I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon this week:

Describe something you did with your spouse when you dated, but that you’re now “over."

When Mr.4444 and I dated, I did something for him every now that all men love; it absolutely thrilled him.  It wasn't my favorite thing to do at all, but I was pretty hot for him and wanted to show him my appreciation, so I did it fairly often.  After a while, though, I came to that "Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free?" realization, and I told Mr.4444 that I would no longer be performing the task. I understood that he had needs, but I found the task so offensive that I figured I should quit doing it. After all, we weren't married.

He begged. He pleaded. He bribed, but it didn't work.  After a while, he got so desperate that he asked his mom to do it, and believe it or not, she did, often When his mom wasn't around, Mr.4444 would try to sweet-talk me into doing it for him again, but I told him, "No. Take care of it yourself. I promise that when we get married, I'll be a good wife and start again.

As you can imagine, he couldn't wait for the wedding. By that time, we lived together in Illinois, and since his mom didn't live us, I picked up where I had left off and met my husband's needs.

He especially loved it when I did it for him on Sunday mornings.

We've been married now more than 20 years, and although I love him dearly, I have to admit that I've totally slacked on my end; what used to be a 4-5-times-per-week act of love now only happens once a month (if he's lucky) and even then, he still has to beg. Really, though; the last thing in the world I want to do is wake up early and take care of his needs, when I could be sleeping in.

Poor Mr.4444...

Let me know if you'd be interested in taking care of him....

....There are always plenty of shirts to iron.

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