Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sundays in My City: Bitter Sweet

This week in my city, I have a cousin who is sick. 
This morning, as I made cake pops (and cake bites) to take to the hospital, 
I did so with a deeper sense purpose than I've ever felt before,
 making food for a family going through a tough time.  

It was definitely a labor of love...
....a messy job (the way I do it, anyway),

and very much worth the effort...

and part of me knows that, on some level, these cake pops will help heal those who enjoyed them.

On another subject (bitter or sweet, depending on how you look at it),
this is what Mr.4444 found this morning when he went out to get the paper...

Yes, it's homecoming at TinyTown High School. 
Kendall and her boyfriend got all gussied up for the dance tonight.  
Here's what happens when you're taking Homecoming pics and your dog decides to relieve himself 
(very loudly) about ten feet away.

Here's another shot (minus pet entertainment).

Kendall wants me to inform you that the lopsided bulge on the left side of her dress
(your left) is a wardrobe malfunction, not a freakish physical defect.

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  1. I'm sure that family will enjoy those cake pops very much--they are delicious!

    Nice pictures of Kendall and her boyfriend too.


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