Sunday, October 23, 2011

Well, I Never!

Inspired by Nezzy, I've decided to share a list of things I have never done:

*I have never wished I had more than two kids.
*I have never regretted my choice of career.
*I have never eaten more than four cake pops in a single sitting.
*I have never had long fingernails for longer than a couple of months (when I got married).
*I have never wished we had two dogs.
*I have never traveled outside North America, and I've never visited the south (Florida doesn't really count, right?)
*I have never grown tired of the sound of children singing (my own, or anyone else's)
*I have never even thought about divorcing Mr.4444 (well, not for more than a minute, anyway)
*I have never been a fan of bleu cheese (probably due to a childhood "incident")
*I have never believed that long lists are good for blogs--My limit is ten. You're welcome.

What have you never done?

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  1. I agree with you, 22 is way too many. I limited mine to 10 as well and will be up Wednesday.


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