Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wisconsin Reflections

This weekend, our fall colors are at their peak; Mr.4444 suggested we take a canoe ride 
down the Oconto River to enjoy them. I am so glad we did. 

We took two cars, and as Mr.4444 lead the way, my excitement grew; it was such a beautiful day...

....the perfect day for a dad to take his kid fishing...

...and the perfect day to sit in the front of a canoe and let your husband paddle for two hours.
(Don't worry--We were floating with the current.)

I simply could not pick a favorite for this post.


If you're dying to see all of my shots from today (each one is gorgeous), you can find them here.
(I think. Google+ is open to everyone now, and my photos are Public, anyway.)

I have to add that I love my husband soooo much.
He loves me, too, as evidenced by his patience.

Note to Self: The next time you take two cars to a canoe trip,
remember to take both sets of keys with you in the canoe.

What?! Hitchhiking in Wisconsin is perfectly safe.
(Thanks, Honey.)

I'm participating in Sundays in My City, Sunday Summary (need help with the link, please),

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