Tuesday, November 15, 2011

6h Grade Bonding

Our 6th graders at Tinytown Middle School come from five different feeder schools, 
so they come to middle school a little nervous and afraid, knowing little of what to expect,
wondering how they will fit in and whether or not they'll be accepted.

Earlier this school year, 
I helped organize an event to help develop a sense of community across the sixth grade.

We took that valuable instructional time because anyone who knows anything
 knows that kids who feel like they belong to something great are more prepared to learn.  

Two months later, I can honestly say that the couple of hours that we spent working on team-building 
and positive climate development was very much worth it.

Our "house" of 83 students (There are three houses in 6th grade.) has jelled.

Tell me again why that's a good thing?

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