Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Heard in the Classroom: Fall Funnies

***We have been quadblogging with three other schools from around the globe. Quadblogging involves four groups of bloggers from different schools across the globe taking turns visiting each other's blogs.  A few of our students wrote about going deer hunting.  A student from Ireland commented on the post:  "I have never really heard about deer hunting before, I didnt know people still did it :L What does deer taste like? Do you not feel bad when you kill an animal?"        Isn't that interesting? 

***First thing in science this morning....."I had a taco for breakfast this morning; excuse me, if I'm gassy."

***In the hallway...directly after a science class human body lesson during which a student asked if your nails keep growing after you die:  "I want to be naked when I die (like, in my coffin); I just want to be free, ya know?"  [Not surprisingly, this particular student feels the same way about homework.]

***I was having J do his third retake of a quiz on six vocabulary terms (orally, this time).  After two completely wasted minutes of my life (He couldn't answer a single question.) something "clicked," and he spewed an entire line from the notes given in class. "Wow!" I exclaimed. "Look at you!"  He excitedly replied, "Wait!! I have this in my brain! I just had to figure out how to open it again!"    Story of my life...

We actually have no school today; it's the first day of Thanksgiving break. Just wanted to say "Thanks" for stopping by :)  If you live in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. For everyone else, may you have too many blessings to count, as well. :)

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  1. Quadblogging sounds like such a fun activity for the kids. Do they like it?


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