Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sundays in My City: Dressing for Lambeau

Unknown Mami

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I took a great photo this morning at Lambeau Field.  I was bundled up to work outdoor concessions (34 degree high today) and asked a friend to take a photo with my cell phone, since I had forgotten my regular camera. Sadly, I can't show you that photo, because shortly after it was taken, I went to the restroom and basically threw my phone into the toilet.

Yes, it was before I sat down.
Yes, I did fish it out with my bare hand.
Yes, it's sitting in rice right now.

In my defense, the phone was in my pocket, not in my hand, when it flew out and jumping into the toilet.

Anyway, as I stated earlier, it was chilly today (though actually balmy, by Green Bay football standards). The concession stand was outside, though, and I was scheduled to be there from 9:30am until 2:30pm, so I knew I had to dress warmly. For your amusement, I had Kendall videotape me when I got home, before I took everything off.

No, not everything, Silly.

If you ever get a chance to work concessions to raise funds for a non-profit, I recommend taking it; it's actually pretty fun, and even though it eats up a good portion of a day, you won't regret doing it.  I'm scheduled to do two more games, not because I'm altruistic or anything; I just know that the music boosters benefits a LOT from having their two booths.  Last year, they earned about $10,000. It's crazy to let that slip away.  This year, they need extra help because our high school band is playing in the Rose Parade again, and most of the people who normally volunteer for concessions will be with their kids in California over Christmas and New Years.

I'm a little worried about working outside New Years Day.  Somebody--Talk me out of it!

Stadium concessions trivia:   
*We make 10% of what Levy & Associates earns each week in our booths. Last week, alone, we earned about $1800 between a big beer station and a small beer stand. 
*A 12-oz bottle of beer costs $6.25 at Lambeau Field.
*Today, the four of us sold more than 1000 bottles of beer in the span of four hours

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