Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Fantasy

Before either of my children were even born, I was writing a journal for them. Eventually (as the kids arrived), I split it in two and wrote specifics for each kid.  I haven't written in it in years, but I do enjoy flipping back through the many, many entries. This one is from Kyle's journal. I wrote it when he was about six years old.

In regard to Santa, you haven’t said a lot, but it is clear that you believe.  He called the other night (actually the Elk’s Club volunteers), and you seemed quite impressed that he knew who your best friend is and the fact that underneath your bed is a mess.  Cute.
You almost had me, the other day, when we were reading a book called Baby Santa Mouse.  It’s about a little mouse who is discovered by Santa and ends up flying with Santa on his sleigh, helping him every year.  Towards the end of the story you quietly observed,

“This is fantasy.”

Slowly, still holding my cards to my vest, I replied, “Why do you think so?” 

“Because mice don’t wear clothes.”

Whew!  What a relief!

It is charming to see your sweet innocence in regard to Santa, Kyle.


Today, Kyle is in college and certainly doesn't read stories about Santa any longer. However, if Baby Santa Mouse has happened to retire by now and Santa has an opening on that sleigh of his, I'm certain Kyle would be interested in being his right-hand man; that kid is crazy about cars, especially the fast ones.

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