Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #177

Mommy's Idea

I'm drafting this on Wednesday night, three days before Christmas eve. I'm short on presents but long enough on fragments, so here I go. Thanks for joining our community of fragmented goodness. [First time here? Please click on the FF tab above.]

***I'm very happy with my phone, now that I've done the following:
1) Downloaded Smart Silencer (android app) to allow only certain communications between 10pm and 6am. 
2) Downloaded Smart SMS Responder to use when I'm driving (or otherwise busy). It messages callers/texters that I'm driving and will call/text them back later.
3) Accepted that if I want to take excellent photos without red-eyes, I should use my "real" camera
4) Set up the most wonderful, calming wake-up alarm. (This is my most favorite feature about having a smartphone. 

***I believe that pleasant wake-up alarm are extremely important. I don't know how I survived this long in life without one. 

***I love, love, love that I can now keep up with my email via my smart phone! Next thing you know, I'll be keeping up with my reader!hahaha

***One afternoon this week, a student of mine (she's kind of surly) randomly snapped, "Why do you have a 'Dictionary of American Idiots' in your classroom?!"  I didn't even have to look at the book to know which one she was holding. I smiled gently and invited her to read the title again.

Of course, she smiled. I love it when crabby kids just have to laugh at themselves.

 ***My almost-13, self-proclaimed-geek nephew, Logan, has started a Tech Tips from a Bacon Lover page on Facebook. He's got three great tips up so far this week (two that I wasn't aware of!), and he  would really, really love it if you'd pay his page a visit and "Like" it. Thanks.

***By the way....Remember my Go Wait in the Car! vlog, telling the funny story from Unknown Mami? In that vlog, I invited you to record yourself or someone you love telling a funny/interesting/well-loved story. This is a reminder that I'll put up a linky thing for that on Wednesday, December 28th at 7am.  I hope at least some of you plan to link up (old or new posts with someone telling a good story are welcome), as I love a good story.  Go ahead--Get Grandma to tell her family classic when you're together for the holidays; it'll be fun!

***I'm going to go out on a limb here and write to the blogger who never actually reads my fragments (or anyone else's, for that matter) but links up faithfully each week, having never read or heeded the rules. My Friend, I delete your link every week. The fact that you haven't noticed validates me. Thanks.

***I would really, really love to have a fragmenter meet-up via Google Hangouts some time. Anyone in? I think we'd have a blast.

Okay, I'm wrapping this up. No school for me today, but you can bet I'll be out shopping. I plan to stop by your blogs to catch up very soon! Thanks for the trail of breadcrumbs below...

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  1. Can't do a Google hangout, have no webcam but maybe Santa will bring one for me for Christmas. If so, I'm in IF I can figure out how to work it!

    Enjoy your time off! We'll be off all next week too but my husband is off today as well.


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