Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Fragments: Episode #178

Mommy's Idea

Welcome! Feeling fragmented? You've come to the right place; we're full of 'em here!

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Sorry if you arrived Thursday evening and found no linky. (I have lots of reasons, but zero excuses.) Please forgive me.

***I'm still on the couch, recovering from my painting adventure yesterday. After I had that epiphany, I made this and uploaded it to Pinterest:

I hope that it helps other people remember what I had forgotten. (I suppose that's why I only paint every couple of years.) 

***Speaking of senior portraits, Kendall loves playing in the snow, my sister Michelle is going to help us play around with some winter shots (if we ever get some more snow). I can't wait, as Kendall is a real snow bunny, and a senior pic that shows that side of her will be really cute.

***Poor Mr.4444....After four days with our Christmas tree, he realized he was allergic to it (we undressed it and kicked it out the door last night.) Oh, darn! That means we'll have to get an artificial tree in the future; one that's pre-lit, of course, one that will cut my job in half and result in my seeing the tree as a joy to set up, rather than a chore.  I'll probably even set it up Thanksgiving weekend, now, instead of the day before Christmas. But yeah, poor Mr.4444. Sorry, Honey. Love you...[STOP THE PRESSES--Mr.4444 says there is "no way" that we are getting a fake tree. He thinks his allergic reaction to the tree was due to the fact that instead of a Frasier Fir, this year, we got a balsam. The Internet says it's mold, not a pine allergy; that we should hose the tree down and let it dry before taking it in the house next time. Greaaat....more pain-in-the-butt jobs Christmas tree tasks.

***You may have seen or heard about Ben Breedlove's This is My Story Parts 12 videos, in which he shared a couple of weeks ago on YouTube.  The videos touched me, as he talked about his near-death experiences (the result of a heart defect) and how he had no fear of dying as a result.  I learned yesterday that Ben passed away on Christmas Day while playing with his little brother in their back yard. Today, I watched another video that Ben made, for his YouTube "News" program. In the video, you can see just what a wonderful young man he was. My heart breaks for his family.

***Here's a quick snap of one of my favorite Christmas gifts (from Grandma 4444):

It's a Kameleon necklace (which means that the center stone can be popped out and replaced with another) and I love, love, love it.  [And yes, the G is for Green Bay Packers; they were out of green and gold ones, and I didn't mind at all!]

Okay, okay--Enough of my yacking. Let's have some of yours! (SORRY FOR THE LATE LINKY!)


  1. Beautiful necklace!
    Can't wait to see the pictures of Kendall...surely y'all will get more snow! ;)

  2. I saw Ben Breedlove's video too. Very sad but also very powerful. He was at peace and had a great attitude!

    What a fun idea for Kendall's senior pics!

    I was sore after painting our bathroom too. Guess all that repetition of the same movement for so long is what does it.

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. Love your new "G" - - - wear it with pride!

    Green and yellow are overrated anyway! hehehehehehe

  4. Gosh, my initial. You can mail it Tue since Monday is a holiday for the P. O. Lol


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