Sunday, December 18, 2011

Music in My City

Unknown Mami

In my city this week, 200+ high school students are gearing up for a trip to the Rose Parade!  Next week, the Tinytown High School Marching Band will be marching in the Rose Parade (hopefully, after the Wisconsin Badgers win in the Rose Bowl!).  When Kyle was a freshman several years ago, they also performed in the infamous parade, for which a school must demonstrate audition. The process is rigorous, and so is the work required for these kids to get to this playing level. I remember days and days and days of summer practices, as well as night practices in the weeks leading up to the trip, of course.

Did I mention we live in Wisconsin, and it's cold this time of year? Picture yourself trying to play a freezing-cold  instrument with freezing-cold fingers, marching on freezing-cold feet! Those kids sure are tough. I admire their dedication so much.

Although we're not going to California to watch the kids, we did get a taste of their hard work, last night, at The Sounds of the Season concert, in which part of the band performed. Kendall sang with the choir in several numbers (one for which she had to audition!), but I didn't get good video of that. Never fear, though; I do have a taste of the band. The song is long, but I did start recording late. If you'd like band music, you'll love it (especially the last 30 seconds). Wow.

[D. Thomas Busch is the Director]

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