Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why the U.S. Postal Service Doesn't Deliver Emails

Tonight I learned that I haven't received a single Mrs4444 email since September 28th.  I had no idea, since I have been receiving plenty of emails to my other addresses (and they all feed into my gmail account), so I barely noticed.  I will admit to wondering why I wasn't getting any notifications of comments via Disqus, but I haven't been using Disqus that long, so I figured it was just something I needed to figure out one of these days. (I can read them on my blog, as well as on the Disqus page.)

The missing emails are being "fetched" as I type, and the number is up to 688.  If you've sent something to my mrs4444 email address in the last couple of months, this post explains why you haven't heard back. Sorry about that.

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