Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #179

Mommy's Idea

As Grandpa 4444 used to say, I've been "busier than a one-armed paper-hanger" this week. Seriously-busy. Stay-up-til-10:30pm-working-and-never-even-get-to-my-email busy.  There is just physically not enough time to fit everything in, and I do not see it letting up soon. Thankfully, I can at least unload from fragments that have been floating around in my head this week. Feel free to join us in unloading yours! [To learn Friday Fragments "etiquette," please click on the tab above. Thank you.]

***Last week on Pinterest, I found this fantastic idea for getting your child to pick up after him/herself. I'm not sure if it works on moms picking up after themselves (and I hope not to find out), but I'm sure it works on kids.

***21 Things That Will Be Obsolete in 2020 is a very intriguing article from NPR's Mind/Shift's . No more desks? No more homework? I say, bring on the shift!

***Did you know that if you purchase satellite radio from XMRadio and fail to remember to cancel it at the end of the year, they will charge you $35 and hire a collection agency to get it from you? "It's in the fine print," we were told. Hello? I paid for a year. If I wanted more than a year, I would have bought more than a year. I think that's shady.

***Kendall has been belching like a foghorn every night for two weeks now. (No, this is not her normal behavior.) It's actually distressing to her, as these emissions are incredibly loud, long, and far from lady-like. Since it's clearly something medical, I took her to the doctor today, who suggested that it's caused by gastritis, most likely the result of a stomach virus that needs to run its course. Given that Kendall does not abuse cocaine, consume alcohol or much soda, and doesn't feel stressed, I'm agreeing with the doctor. Hopefully, with a little help from antacids, the virus will be gone within a couple of weeks, and Kendall will be back to her cute, girl-burp self.

***If you're serious about becoming a better photographer, Six New Year's Resolutions Every Photographer Should Make has very good recommendations. I'm too busy to be serious about that right now, but I thought I'd share for those who aren't.

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  1. That XMRadio subscription is shady, but unfortunately, legal. It is a common practice and of course, always written in fine print in the hopes people won't see it. In any agreement or contract, it's always wise to start with the fine print since that is the part they don't really want you to read.

    Off to check out the photography tips and Pinterest link.


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