Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pinterest Interest

Ever wondered what Pinterest is about?  For a long time, I had only mild curiosity about it, but recently, I decided to check it out.  I had been hearing about its addictive qualities, and I figured I didn't need any more on-line suckers of my time, but I have fairly good self control, so I risked it, and I'm glad I did.  This post is designed to inform you about Pinterest. It's not a sponsored review or anything like that; I just thought you might be curious.

Pinterest is basically a place to bookmark visual stuff you find on-line.  While other sites help you organize bookmarks (using urls) Pinterest (like Tumblr) is a place to save photos (or video) and their sources.  For example, if I'm poking around on your blog and see that you've shared a photo or graphic that I find especially amusing, educational, or inspiring, I can just click on "Pin It" button at the top of my page, and a box pops up, asking me how I want to categorize that photo.  Any time I'm in the mood to poke around (or I need to find something I pinned), I can go to my Pinterest page and click on the appropriate photo, and it will take me to the source.  

Some of my categories (called "boards" on Pinterest) include:

Kitchen Inspirations (recipes)
Books I'd Like to Read
Homemade Sweetness (Do-It-Yourself projects, crafts)
Products I Love (a wish list, kind of)
Stuff I'd Wear If I Were Cool (fashion that fits me)

Here's a glimpse of my Homemade Sweetness board (you can click on it to enlarge it, if you like):

Other people have boards for interests like photographyhair style inspirations, travel destinations, home decor, shoes, wedding ideas, etc. (The pages those links lead to change in read time, as different people all over the world are pinning, they're updated.)  You can also save videos.  My newest board is for saving pose suggestions for Kendall's senior portraits this summer (I have strong feelings about ones I don't want, and I thought it would be a nice way to help the photographer know what we're looking for when the time comes.). I'm also thinking about starting a "Wish List" for my birthday (for Mr.4444).

You can also see what your friends are "pinning" on Pinterest; I've found some wonderful inspirations that way.  If you're on Pinterest, look me up (or leave your username in the comments below) and I'll do the same!

*To join Pinterest, request a membership on the site or ask me to send you one. 


  1. I've gone to the Pinterest dark side. :) I love the site and have made several things and can'thave several more I want to try when I go back to school next week. I'm following you and if you want to follow me, I'm Michele14.

  2. Thanks for the info about Pinterest. I'll consider it.


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