Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sundays in My Son's New City

In case you haven't guessed already, we took Kyle to his new college (U.W. Milwaukee) on Saturday. 

This is how we found the refrigerator in his dorm:

At least it was clean,
(which is more than I can say for the floor, which was pretty disgusting).

It's a good thing I'm not that mom, who feels compelled to run around micromanaging her son's move-in.
(His last dorm-mate's parents came in and cleaned the whole place, made his bed 
(with his Pokemon blankey, I might add) and stayed long after we had left.)

Hey, cleaning is character-building, right?

No, I did not clean. Instead, I averted my gaze from the dust bunnies and garbage on the floor 
to the view from Kyle's window, which incidentally faces Lake Michigan, a half-mile down the road.

Kyle said he wasn't hungry and didn't need lunch, which was probably code for 
"Okay, get out of here now-- I need to scope-out some chicks."

We left but took a little cruise toward the lake and found this, 
just a few blocks from the dorm--Whole Foods!

(Or, as my niece affectionately calls it, "Whole Paycheck".)

We purchased some provisions for that empty fridge and bought a gift card for Kyle,

who was meanwhile unpacking his duffel bag. A moment later, I received a text:

"The baby scared the crap out of me!"

[insert evil laugh here]

Yes, Mr.4444 had put a little surprise for Kyle in his bag before we left the house:

So, Kyle met us at the door to the dorm with an "empty" but suspiciously-lumpy duffel bag, 
and we exchanged the groceries for his "baby brother".

I can't wait to send him a Care Package.

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