Saturday, March 3, 2012

Notes from Der Husband

Or is it zee husband? or maybe das husband? Anyway...

Mr.4444 is in Germany. (Before any stalkers get an ideas, I want you to know that he showed me how to use the glock before he left, and I am confident that I could pull the trigger.) I've appreciated the fact that we can keep in touch for free via AT&T text messages sent through email. I thought you might enjoy some of Mr.4444's messages:

Great night sleep. The beer is cold and the people are friendly. Near Austria today.

Only channel is Bloomberg [stock market]. No free internet. No iron, no coffee, SMALL room. Other than that...ok.

Hard to find anything but schnitzel, sausage, etc. I'm in Baveria, and people are pretty cool.

You would love it here; *everyone walks real fast. Having a beer in the town square...Lonely American.

I'm turning into a soccer expert...the only thing on TV that I can understand without knowing the language.

[In response to my question: What's for breakfast?]  Friday tradition, 9 o'clock, white sausage and beer....Really.

[My favorite]  FYI, .5 Euro to use the wayside crapper. About 80 cents, so worth it.

Back in my room. Only Bloomberg in English...fingers crossed I get Netflix.

I've eaten enough flipping sausage to last a lifetime.

Going to Salzburg this weekend. Supposed to be special.

On the autobahn.

Salzburg proved to be a lonely place. Poor guy drove two hours, only to turn around and head back after a) getting a ticket for not having a "highway sticker" and b) finding Salzburg "boring."  He's not a shopper or a hiker, really. Too bad he doesn't have company; I'm sure it would be more fun with me there.  This prime-time television lover is really struggling, as he hates to read and can't access Hulu or Netflix.  Sweet Frau shared a link to TVDome. Hopefully, that will provide some entertainment.

***Just now ended a Google Hangout with Kendall, Kyle in Milwaukee, and Mr.4444 in Germany. We laughed so hard...The look on Mr.4444 face when Kyle mentioned that his TV remote was the wrong one and so he can only get two channels---It was priceless; one would've thought he was talking about a personal tragedy.  We had a ball catching up.  Hopefully, our Lonely American is a little less lonely now :)

*Mr.4444 thinks he knows why people walk so quickly in Germany. He's noticed that when parents are pushing their baby strollers, it's a very bumpy ride on the cobblestones.  He thinks that perhaps that causes an intense dislike for walks; therefore, people grow up walking quickly just to get it overwith.haha

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