Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Photo to Share

I've been participating in Project 52, a Facebook group that challenges us to take a photo each week, following a theme. Most of the time, my photos are lame. (Seriously.) This week, though, I am very happy with my "Water" photo, which I snapped at a local cemetery. I just decided to pull in on my way home from Green Bay. I just love cemeteries that have lots of trees, and this one had plenty. Due to the weather (I took it on my Snow Day, but not near my house.), it was very wet, and I had a feeling there would be plenty of opportunities for water shots. I was right. Here's my favorite one.

I love the way this shot shows the transition from icy snow to cold, clear melt. 
I love the tree reflection, as well as the cracks beneath 
and the leaves, both above and below the water.
 I don't know why they please me so much, but they do. 

I hope you like them, too.

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