Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ask a Dangerous Question...

Chuck is one of those kids who's constantly talking in class, sometimes on-topic, but often not. He loves to be the center of attention and grabs the stage every chance he gets. That sometimes gets him in hot water. Fortunately for him, though, he has personality plus, as well, and his charm usually softens the edges when we find ourselves losing patience with Chuck in class.

Now and then, when Mr. Principal needs a little personality to liven up the morning announcements, he calls on Chuck to be his sidekick for the "Lame Joke of the Day". Chuck is a standout during the Lame Joke in the morning announcements--He's always bursting with enthusiasm; you can't help but smile to hear his exuberance. On Monday, Mr. Principal offered up his typical, enthusiastic greeting to break the ice before the Lame Joke, 
"Hey there, Chuck! It's great to see you this morning! How was your weekend?!"

"My weekend was...well, not really that great, cuz I got hit in know--balls with an airsoft gun!"

And that's the point where the Lame Joke ended, along with Chuck's career as a future broadcaster. There were some muffled noises as the microphone got covered up and Mr. Principal recovered, but we did not get to hear a lame joke that morning.

And Chuck wasn't laughing, either...

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