Sunday, April 1, 2012

Solo and Ensemble Results

Kendall performed at Solo and Ensemble this weekend. 
She had a solo, a duet, a quartet, and a group performance, 
so of course I was there for every minute of it!

Here is her solo (the video quality for which I apologize; it's a little blurry).
What you should know before watching it is that it's a difficult song to sing,
as having "no time signature" means that it has an inconsistent number of beats per measure.
To add to the difficulty, the piano part is no help to the singer at all.
I'm very proud to share that Kendall is going to State with The Crucifixion.

She's also going to State with the "chamber" choir and her quartet.
To listen to those, visit my YouTube page
This will be Kendall's first time to State. (I guess she's making up for lost time! :)

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  1. Beautiful voice and awesome rendition! Plus, many congratuations to Kendall -and to her parents too who having contributed generously to her genes deserve a little recognition about their talented daughter!


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