Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #197

Mommy's Idea

By Fridays, I am pretty exhausted this time of year, but never too exhausted to un-clutter my mind; it's so satisfying. Thanks for joining in the fragmenting fun :)

***Seventeen--That's how many days of school I have left, plus five days of a teacher training after that, but

***I plan to do some traveling with Mr.4444 this summer (when he drives). I would really love to meet some of you along the way if we happen to be in your neighborhood (Think within a few hundred miles of Green Bay.) If I haven't already recorded your info on my Keeping in Touch spreadsheet, let me know, and I'll share it with you so you can add your info and possibly look you up this summer. (Don't worry--I'll call first.haha)

***We have new neighbors, and they are beekeepers. I'm very curious about that and look forward to learning more about beekeeping.

***A kid can learn a lot in the classroom, but the lessons he can learn in the 6th grade Olympics are every bit as valuable. Today was an extremely exciting, taxing, rewarding, exhausting day of work. Something happened that filled my teacher heart back up again, too; I hope to share the story with you next week.

***Kendall is going to prom with a friend (boy friend, not boyfriend) on Saturday. Stay tuned for pics.

***Every now and then, I click on the blog visitors in the Blog Frog widget in sidebar. Last weekend, doing so led me to a blogger whose voice shines through her writing. A sweet example of this is Frozen in Time. I also loved Yes, It Made My Day, which made me laugh. Amy doesn't have a lot of comments on these posts, and she has just two Google Connect followers, but I predict she has many friends in her blogging future. Stop by and meet her, before she becomes famous! :)

Here's the place to start the breadcrumb trail to your fragments (Sorry--Only Friday Fragment posts welcome--No drive-by link-ups allowed) :

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