Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is There Anything Cuter Than a Puppy?

To say that my "Cousin" Tama loves dogs is like saying that Elizabeth Taylor liked earrings. 
Tama has a real heart for dogs, and she has saved the lives of many 
by taking them in when no one else would.  
When Kendall and I stopped by to see some puppies Tama has,
 we counted seven dogs, some chickens, 
and Lord only knows what other critters were milling about.
 [Tama would appreciate my pointing out that three of those dogs belong to her daughter.]

What's that, you asked? Why would we want to see puppies? I have no idea, of course.

What with all the fascination with "teen moms", it's no wonder Tama agree to take in a poor, pregnant Zoe. On Facebook,Tama shared a photo of her and her puppies born a couple of weeks ago. Tama is hoping to find a home for Zoe, as well as for her pups.
Kendall and I were just curious.

Besides, I just had to see this dog in person. 
The photo Tama posted on FB was far from complementary, 
and I figured she'd never find a home with a face like that.
I brought my camera, prepared to improve Zoe's prospects.haha 

I'm not lying when I tell you it was a real struggle to get a cute shot of Zoe; 
although she is super, super sweet dog,
she's not what most people would call photogenic.

She's a wonderful little mother, though, and extremely affectionate.

On a side note, this little stinker is also looking for a home, but there is no way--
He reminded me of one of my sassy students--no boundaries, over confident, and full of himself. 

Would you believe he is half Corgie and and Great Pyrenees?! 
Apparently no one's held a mirror to him, 
as he clearly thinks he gets his height from the Pyrenees side of the family. 
(Watch your toes, Kendall!)

In his defense, he is a puppy, and he does just fine with dogs who don't have a problem putting him in his place.

Getting back to Zoe...she's one of the sweetest dogs I've met, 
but she's got some "cosmetic" issues.

God bless Tama for taking her in and getting her medicine
 to clear up the symptoms that make us think she might be a cross between these two breeds:

Look! After 71 pics, I finally snapped one with her ears up! Isn't she um...adorable?!

Don't you want to take her home once her puppies are old enough to go to homes of their own?
I mean it's not like Tama's trying to unload this one....

Gosh, Zoe's sweet...

Okay, okay, now for the puppies
Apparently, Zoe was taken advantage of by a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
There are five puppies--two black, two blond, and one white.
Mr.4444 said no, but there couldn't be any harm in just meeting them, right?!

I'd have to be crazy to get a puppy!
I don't even like dogs that much, do I?
And Mr.4444 did say no. (He wants a big dog.)

So really, this is just a PSA for some sweet, sweet dogs that could use homes.
Your home, not my home.

Let me know if you want to a buy a puppy (cheap!)
or would like to provide a home for Zoe or Mr. Sassy-Pants.
I can hook you up!

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