Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Mumblings

This just in: I do have a life! I discovered it this weekend, after I worked late Friday night (1am) but then managed to fit the rest in:

*Slept in on Saturday morning til 9am!

*Ran (well, drove, actually) to the post office to deliver Karen Zemeck's cake pop prize. Karen, it should arrive today, and I guarantee that you'll be thrilled :)

*Worked with a group of neighbors to beautify the entrance to our development with 13 yards of mulch. It was at least 80 degrees right off-the-bat, and I drank at least three quarts of water while busting my rear end with the others. Here's an amusing photo that I posted to Facebook with the caption, "I said a little off the top!"

(In the end, we decided to pull it out. I say "we" loosely, as I did nothing but observe.haha)

*I then ran to my nephew Caden's first-ever drum recital, during which he performed to Michael Jackson's Black or White. It was the cutest thing ever, and I'm so glad I went! In case you're a fan (of Caden's, Michael Jackson, or drums), here's a link to the video of Caden's performance. Way to go, Caden! :)

*After the recital, I rushed home to make Allan's incredible guacamole, clean my kitchen, and then head to a neighborhood birthday party.  This is kind of remarkable, because Mr.4444 was gone for the weekend (with Kyle, now home from college!), and I'm not a big partier, but I went and actually stayed most of the night! The company was great, and a neighbor reminded me how lucky we are to live in Wisconsin. (stay tuned for a post about why)

*I got to sleep in again on Sunday morning and then picked the grandmas up for Tinytown high school's band and choir spring concerts, during which I was again reminded that I would like to strangle people who attend concerts but talk through half of them, as well as people who think letting their small children run all over the place during the concert is perfectly acceptable. What is wrong with people?!

*Of course, the best way to celebrate after a choir concert on a hot day is to check out a new frozen yogurt place! I highly, highly recommend a trip to Smart Cow if you ever get the chance! You get to serve up your own choices and add all the toppings you like. Then you put your bowl on a scale and pay by the ounce. It's a really fun experience (the grandmas had fun!). The company is apparently only a year old and has just three locations, but I'm pretty positive Smart Cows will be popping up all over the place in no time :)

*When I got home tonight, I decided to look at my calendar for the week. Thank goodness, because I suddenly realized that I'd forgotten that ten people would be arriving at our house within 70 minutes for a Neighborhood Watch meeting I'd set up over a month ago! Thankfully, no one was coming for dinner, and the meeting was quick; I'm now sitting down to relax and reflect on a perfect weekend, which involved almost no computer time. (I think that's a first.)

So, how was your weekend?

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