Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sundays in My City: Glitz Edition

Unknown Mami

Yes, Unknown Mami's weekly photo meme celebrating cities all over the globe
actually takes place on Sunday (and today is Saturday),
but I might to busy eating bonbons and getting pampered tomorrow, 
so I'm posting mine early.


Tonight is Prom Night in Tinytown.

Kendall borrowed a gorgeous dress from a friend.

Seems like just last year, these girls were Brownie Girl Scouts!

Kendall does not have a boyfriend right now, 
so she happily accepted the invitation from a boy-friend who was in the same boat.

Can you guess where this next photo was taken? (and yes--that is a wedding party)

It's apparently a tradition, these days, to also take prom photos at a Green Bay landmark.
I'm not really sure why they go to the Lambeau Field Atrium, 
though the kids do look great,

but really, who wants photos with beer signs in the background 

and random tattooed people in shorts and ripped-up t-shirts walking by in the background?

I guess it's better than the beer in them or them getting random tattoos.

Here's to a sensible-yet-fun, safe prom night!


  1. Well of COURSE they want to go to Lambeau, they are Wisconsinites, they do live in/near Green Bay, and it's the PACKERS!

    Funny they do it for prom and weddings.

    Here the kids all go to Shadowlawn, Charlotte Witter's old home about which I've posted, for their prom pictures. Somehow I think Charlotte is very pleased about that!

    I know I am.

  2. Oh, and Kendall's not boyfriend boy friend is cute as a button - - - I think if he is as nice as he is cute, I might be wishing to CHANGE that whole not boyfriend boy friend business.

  3. Whew! I was worried about you getting this linked up to SIMC when I found your post in what was NIGHT here, but still too early out in San Fran for Miss Mami to get the linky up and running. Glad to see you linked up!

    Happy Mama's Day


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