Thursday, June 7, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #201

Mommy's Idea

Hello, Summer!

For many of you, summer merely means a change in season, and for many others, it means the kids are home for three months, and you are either celebrating that or cursing it. For me, though, it means time to regroup, recharge, and relax. I'm kicking this summer off fragment-style, but unloading the randomness that is cluttering my mind. Feel free to join in! [For more on the ins and outs of FF, click here.]

***I am drafting this post at 6:30am on Thursday, my first day of summer break. I know, right?! What in the world am I doing up this early?! It's partly due to my exhaustion catching up with me and causing me to go to bed at 10:30 last night. I think it's also due to my very long list of things I want to do this summer: I want to travel a little with Mr.4444 when he goes away on business (if possible), get a puppy or two, attend a couple of family reunions, love on my kids when/if they are home, and do a lot of prepping for next year at school. I also want to finish up my application for becoming a Certified Apps for Education Trainer. Oh, and of course give my house a thorough cleaning. Time will tell what I accomplish, but I'm actually happy to have the early start today.

***Yes, I did say "I want to.....get a puppy or two". I never thought those words would come out of my mouth, and I might regret them, but oh well.

***Speaking of dogs, I stumbled upon this video testimonial last week and thought to myself, "What a great idea!"

Weighted vests are often used to help anxious kids on the autism spectrum; it makes sense that a vest for pets would be helpful. I don't know if those vests are weighted, but whatever works, right?

***Wow! If birds could speak English, the one screeching at me right now from outside my living room window would certainly be cited for disorderly conduct and possibly even arrested for harassment! He/She is going to have to get used to my company, I'm afraid. (I guess it could be worse; it could be my bedroom window!)

***Mr4444 is taking the day off tomorrow to take me on a fishing date! I can't wait! :)

Next week, I'll be working full-time at school (though not with students) so I should have more time on my hands in the evenings!  Please leave your FF link here so I (and others!) can catch up with you. Thanks!


  1. We're definitely going to get Laika a weighted vest. We saw them in the store & I had to explain to CH what it was for.
    Cleaning the house is on my list, too. We've been out a couple of weeks, and it's not happened yet! Still trying to recuperate & unwind! :)

  2. Get a puppy or two?! Have you lost your mind?! LOL I absolutely LOVE my Tucker and don't know what I'd do without him. Not sure you need to clean the house though---if you're going to get a puppy or two. :) Have a great time fishing!


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