Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just Checking In

I'll bet some of you wondered if I'd fallen off the face of the earth! Thought I'd scoop you in on what I've been up to.

***I had a post scheduled for Funny Monday, but I failed to set the date correctly, so hopefully you found something else to smile about yesterday? :)

***Here's one photo hint of what Kendall and I have been up to the past two days:

***We visited U.W. Eau Claire and the University of Minnesota in preparation for college applications in the fall. Kendall liked both schools a lot but really loved the urban feel of U of M. We're keeping a detailed table of all of the pros/cons/etc. for each of the colleges we visit. Two down, two or three more to go!

***We took a wrong turn on the way home tonight and almost paid a visit to U.W. Madison, too, but we're saving that one for another time :)

***I made food (before I left) for Kyle to eat while we were gone, as well as for the road trip. (Mr.4444 was out-of-town, too.) For what it's worth, this--

was deemed "delicious" by the entire 4444 family. (click on the photo a couple of times to get to the source)

***Left home alone to fend for himself for two days, Kyle's amused his friends with this Facebook post:

Acknowledging my tendency to look inside the full fridge and see nothing to eat, mom made me a "stuff to eat" list before she left. I think I'll keep her around:

I found the follow-up comments amusing (and just so you know, "Kyle K" is not my Kyle):

I love that I got credit for being an amazing mom when, in fact, I was just trying to make sure the leftovers got eaten before they went bad. (Don't you hate that?!)  

***By the way, the iced coffee is from The Pioneer Woman and is yummy.

***Six hour of driving/riding in a car today....I'm ready to crash (in a good way...straight to bed). 

What have you been up to?

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  1. I'm pretty sure when selecting a school, it is VERY important for Kendall to remember these things:

    1) Badgers beat Gophers

    2) Red and White are MUCH prettier colors than burgundy and yellow

    3) U of M is WAY colder than UW

    Nope - - - I'm not a BIT prejudiced.


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