Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Milo and Steve

Well, we added a new little bundle to our family yesterday, and Milo has welcomed his new brother, Steve, with open arms.

(Yes, Steve.  I got to name Milo, and the rest of the family dug their heels in on Steve, so there you go.)

Mr.4444 is happy to have his new hunting buddy, 
who was chosen for his eagerness with a pheasant wing when we went to choose a pup.

At this point, our brothers weigh the same (5.5 pounds), 
but Milo has the edge in fluff and maturity.
(He's about seven weeks older, so he has more stamina.)
I tell him to enjoy it while he can.

Of course, he tries to show Steve who's boss by taking away every toy Steve even gets a lick in on.

Here's how this particular battle went:

Although Steve loves his crate, he doesn't love sleeping alone 
and keeps us up on and off, all night long; 
I'm grateful that Mr.4444 is home this week to help carry the middle-of-the-night load. 
(Totally reminds me of when our colicky Kyle was a newborn.)

We've gone backwards in time, having to potty train a puppy again.
Milo has been doing fantastic and continues to do so;
Steve--Well...what can I say?

For those worried about the puppies when I go back to school (on the 28th), don't;
I have a long line of puppy-lovers volunteering to come over throughout the day
 when Mr.4444 isn't working at home.

However, I have no idea what I'm going to do about missing them when I'm at school.

Also, I've developed a sudden, wicked cold, complete with sneezing, itchy eyes, and coughing.
I'm completely exhausted but happy. (Wow--I hope I'm not allergic to Steve!)

Soooooo cute! 


  1. It is official. I can now only read your blog late at night, in the dark, with one eye looking out to make sure my daughter doesn't walk up on me....because if she saw Steve, she would go nuts, and she would want him to come live with us.

    1. You're welcome to visit any time--your daughter wouldn't be the first puppy fan to stop by to meet them :)

  2. can't they sleep together in the kennel?

    1. We tried that, the first night, but Steve disturbed Milo too much; I didn't want TWO dogs up all night, especially given that Milo is completely trained now and I didn't want him to backslide. Eventually, we hope they will both sleep together on a nice, big dog bed we have, but until the risk of them chewing it to bits (or having potty accidents) is over, they're in crates at night.

  3. Seriously Barb...I love seeing posts about Milo...now I am going to LOVE seeing posts about Milo and Steve! They are both soooo darn cute! I am so happy that you are a dog lover! Have fun with your babies...try to get some sleep.


  4. Congratulations on your new family member. We don't have any however we take our son's dog out for a walk once in a while.

  5. Welcome Steve! He's cute too and I wasn't too surprised that he won the tug-of-war. Cute video! Looks like they will enjoy playing together.

    1. So far, they are perfectly matched and do a beautiful job wearing each other out! :)

  6. I could watch puppies play together all day long. I am seeing great blood pressure numbers for your entire family. :)
    He's adorable. I love that he and Milo are matched evenly at the moment. Can't wait to see them play together when Steve gets bigger! (well, I CAN wait: he's super cute right now!)

  7. Those guys are seriously cute. Makes me think I need one too. But then I'd have to get rid of a Son.


  8. First of all, Milo better enjoy "winning" now 'cause when Steve is full size, the ONLY time Milo will win is when Steve lets him.

    Secondly - - - I'm NOT showing these pictures to Fisherhubby who wants a yellow lab really bad, and we don't have the yard or space for one.

  9. And PS - they made fun of you for the name Milo and they picked Steve??? Eye, eye, eye!!

  10. Seriously, STEVE? I just can't imagine.
    But I can't wait for double the puppy fix! =D

  11. Steve is just too cute!! These best thing about having one dog already trained... it's seems easier to train the other. Oh no, hope it's just a cold and your aren't allergic to Steve!

  12. Your babies are so very adorable. I love it. Hey you can always skpe at lunch with them. Maybe volunteer sitters will skype with them for you. ;) My kids kindergarten teacher had a guinea pig and rabbit in her room which she took home every night but she often brought her golden to class too.



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