Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Happy Camper?

I wonder if Kendall's having any fun being an assistant counselor at YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya this week.  (She's been there all but one weekend in the past three, and this week is her last.)

She probably misses me a ton, probably spends most every minute crying choking back tears, missing her family, bored out of her mind.

Having been a camper, herself, at Uni for nine years, she must be absolutely sick of all that sailing, canoeing, swimming, hiking, eating, arts and crafts and singing. After all, when you're stuck in the woods, there isn't really a lot to do, you know?

Besides, the weather's probably been terrible,

and Lord only knows what she's suffering through in the dining hall at camp.

I wouldn't be surprised if she cries herself to sleep right after supper every night.

I'm sure she doesn't get a moment to relax, either; he doesn't have time to put make-up on or straighten her hair.  I'm sure that makes her feel all awkward and self-conscious.

Her campers are probably giving her all kinds of grief; poor kid.

It's no wonder she invited  begged me and Milo to visit last Thursday (weekly camp talent show). We of course made the 45-minute drive road-trip (and we brought Grandma 4444, too). Kendall was glad to have the distraction.

Even Milo could barely stand the place; he was practically ignored.

I'm sure she'll never forget her time at Camp Unahliya,

but, in time, with the love of her family and the distraction of her senior year of high school, she'll heal...


  1. Oh, I just loved camp as a kid. Both my sisters did counseling at the family camp. They have some amazing stories and made some amazing friends while there. Thanks for sharing the photos!!

  2. I seriously wish someone would make a camp for moms. We would have so much fun. Probably a lot (haha) more than Kendall.

  3. What a creative post, Barb! Ah, camp memories!

  4. That's funny, bet she didn't invite you ever before, did she? I thought not, because really she missed Milo, not you. Sorry. I loved camp counseling more than being a camper! I'm sure she had a blast and was a fantastic counselor!


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