Thursday, August 16, 2012

Puppy Play Date

Milo and I paid a visit to my sister Michelle and Oliver last Saturday. 
(Yes, our play date was tactical, a tired puppy is a good puppy, 
and our mission was to wear them out!) 

Michelle captured the fun beautifully, and we came up with some great captions
(if I do say so myself).

Hey--Wanna wrestle?!

 Stiff arm!  Is that legal?!

 Take down!

Milo: "Hey, hey, hey...Simmer down, Buddy!"
(or maybe "Great job on the flossing, but is that a cavity I see back there?")

(For those unfamiliar with Oliver, he is a happy, healthy puppy, not an angry, rabid guinea pig.)


 Never mind!

This next one is my favorite...

"Hey, Milo! Better hurry--I just heard your mom say, 'I think it's time for a haircut!'"

Sharing a snack.

Neighborhood Watch break. (Mission Accomplished!)

As you know, one of my pet peeves is when people use other people's photos without giving due credit. While most of these are watermarked for that reason (They will show up in Google Image search), I will happily share un-watermarked photos with anyone who asks.


  1. Cuteness SQUARED!

  2. Except for the fact that Milo is just a puppy and has tan fur on his ears, he looks enough like our sweet, silly mutt Sammy to pass for a younger sibling~! And the look in his eyes on the pictures of him playing with your sister's dog -just identical the mischievous side of him showing there - again, just like Sam! I hope Milo turns out to be just as friendly too as our Sammy is because if so, you'll never have to worry about him around any small children, at all! With all the lugging and squeezing and such that the grandkids here have bestowed on Sam since we got him 3 years ago, he has never, ever, even growled, much less snapped at the kids, any other kids or any adults either. Good dogs, for sure!

  3. great action shots. Thanks for your offer at the bottom of the post. I agree that just because it's on the internet doesn't mean you can take it without asking. That said, I might take the open mouth one and add a word bubble to it. thanks

  4. Haha, Bill! Which open-mouth one?!

  5. OMG! I don't think I've ever seen anything cuter!

  6. barb - the one you wrote a flossing caption about. It shows Oliver's teeth very well.

  7. Aw, puppy play dates are so adorable!!!

  8. Oh, that is the cutest thing! I love to see puppies playing together.

  9. Great puppies shots. It makes me happy even as I sit here groggy eyed with the first cup of joe of the morning.

  10. Love those little guys! Thanks for sharing those sweet photos! :-)

  11. FYI - I posted my word balloon version of what I think the puppies are saying. thanks


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