Monday, September 3, 2012

Funny Monday: Banana Breeze

Thanks to Liz, I found this hilarious product review. I thought it perfect for today, it being Labor Day and all...

Victorio Kitchen Products 571B Banana Slicer

If you appreciate sarcasm, you will laugh out loud (repeatedly) at the reviews posted on the site. I loved the creativity!

Have an easy Monday! :)


  1. OK Mrs 4444s, so the picture alone made me laugh out loud. And thank you for that cause there hasn't been a whole lot of LOL here this week...

    And let me tell you- I buy a ton of stuff from amazon and I always read the reviews before hitting "buy with 1-click". I have NEVER giggled so much..


  2. I found that thru Pinterest week and had a blast reading through it! So funny!

  3. Um. LAST week. Not sure there's a "Pinterest week" but maybe there should be.....

  4. Hahaha! That is awesome! Thanks for the laugh. :)

  5. IMHO - it would be a waste of money but the reviews are funny. I liked this part - " Even slices. Every time. You would literally have to be blind AND have Parkinson's or ALS or something to mess this up. This banana slicer will literally save you years of time over the course of your life"


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