Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lucky Days

Artie is one of the most entertaining students I have ever had.  He is constantly coming up with blog-worthy comments, as he has a flare for the dramatic and a great sense of humor (when he's in a good mood). His vocabulary is advanced, and whether he's angry or happy, he's always making people laugh (intentionally or otherwise).  Today, in a crabby mood, on the way from one class to another, he randomly lamented,

"Why does everyone but me have a lucky day?!"

"What?! You've never had a lucky day?! Are you sure?"

"Yes! It always ends tragically!"

I put my arm around him and teased, "Artie, I can't believe you don't remember the lucky day you had just weeks ago--The day you got me as a teacher, remember?!"

An eye-roll was his response, believe it or not.haha


  1. too funny! I think if your day can end with a laugh and smile at these kids sense of's a lucky day as a teacher! Have a wonderful day!

    1. In many respects, yes; having Artie as a student is a blessing. Sometimes, though, not so much.

  2. Good quick thinking on your part. Interesting that you walk with your student between classes. I thought teachers hide between classes.

  3. Bill, I almost laugh at the thought that I could sit in my room and just let certain students free to walk the hallways with their peers; I have three in particular that require one-one-one supervision in the hallway.Since I'm only one person, that can be tough!:)

  4. Thats so cute. And the kids are blessed that have you as a teacher.



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