Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Puppy Portraits

Kendall and I were bored on Saturday (waiting for neighborhood block party to start),
so we had a little puppy photo shoot.

You have no idea how ridiculous we sounded while taking these photos.
(Getting dogs to look at camera lenses can be tricky.)


Although Steve brought me to tears on Thursday night 
(long story involving a physically and emotionally exhausting first week back to school, 
combined with a playful-but-blood-drawing bite to my chin), 
and while Milo has regressed a little in the potty-training department, 
these two otherwise bring us a lot of joy.

 I can't wait to take Wednesday's size-update photo!


  1. You are making me want a puppy instead of smelly, farting, snoring, old pups... that I love and adore. Really!

    1. Well, just so you know, these two can clear a room as well as any old dog. I'm hoping that that will end when they are completely switched to their new food. In the meantime, Wow!haha

  2. They miss there mommy and sister. whaaaahhh.. They really are sweet and adorable.


  3. Kendall should model as the all American girl. I'm sure she will enjoy her senior year.

  4. You can never get tired of puppy pictures. You, Kendall and the puppy's are too cute!

  5. pictures of steve being held is a good idea because it won't be long before he will be too big to be held.


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