Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Slobbering

We've never seen a pet who greets every single person who comes into our home
as enthusiastically as Milo does.
He showers anyone who will accept them with kisses,
including a slip of the tongue if you're not careful
(if denied the mouth, he'll go for your nostrils).

He also greets Maren with joyful kisses when she comes down in the morning.  
She's never had a pet before, and she's quickly learned that puppies are a lot of work, 
but she also appreciates the affection they give.

Here's a clip of Milo greeting Kendall after school on Thursday.

And that was his second greeting!
He reserves his most enthusiastic greetings for his mom.

I totally understand why people with pets live longer than those without.

(You'd think with all the slobbering, it'd be the other way around.)


  1. I'd swear, Barb, from watching the videos of Milo and seeing the other photos you have posted of him, that he and our Sammy are related somehow! They look so much alike and when we first got Sammy, he was very much a "kissy-face" little mutt too! He's gotten a little bit more reserved with age I guess (he's now 4 years old so maybe he can't be bothered with that much slobber) but it doesn't stop him of practically mauling visitors when they come here. And if my older daughter comes up here, he goes absolutely ballistic over her -will not leave her alone at all! But then, he knows and loves her because she totally babies and spoils him more! Enjoy the lovin'!

  2. Dogs are the only creatures on earth that love you unconditionally and are not afraid to show it. Even on the worst days, my poops make me smile in-spite of all that is happening in the world.

  3. I looooooooove Milo! He's the sweetest puppy, I just want to hug him and kiss him, even if it would make my chis jealous. You're sooooooo luckyyyyyyyyy :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the cuteness in your home these days! I totally agree that the unconditional love and excitment we get from our pets can change our whole day!

  5. My lab (Ellie) loves the wet kisses, my springer spaniel (Teddy) sings when we come home. Quite the welcome!

  6. This is why I prefer bigger dogs--I don't like the jumping on me or the slobber licking. Our dog is a perfect greeter for me. When we come in, she's there greeting as the door with her tail wagging and sometimes a Woo Hoo bark saying welcome home!

  7. Puppy kisses are the best! Because really would we let anyone else welcome us home like that?! :)


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