Saturday, October 13, 2012

Puppy Sibling Rivalry

Since Steve arrived, Milo's been kind of in his shadow.

Especially recently, given that Milo can now run right under Steve's belly, he seems to be shrinking!


So that's why I wanted to take a single portrait to share this week, too.
Isn't he adorable?

Yes, I do have a favorite.
No, I don't think I'm allergic to Steve any longer (either that, or frost is my friend).
Yes, Milo is fully potty trained; Steve, not so much, though he has made good progress.

Steve is becoming somewhat of a bully, now that he has the physical upper hand,
but Milo isn't going down without a fight; that little stinker has a lot of pluck!


  1. I so love the pictures of Milo, I think he is my favorite as well.

  2. They look like adorable stuffed animals that have come to life!

  3. They are so cute...can't believe how big Steve is! Have a great weekend!

  4. Just too cute! Have a great weekend!

  5. Never thought I'd be so glad to read someone has seasonal allergies! Glad it wasn't Steve!

  6. Milo still is way ahead in the Cuteness Sweepstakes! I have never seen a cuter puppy. I'm glad Steve is making progress!

  7. Gawd I love that puppy!!! (Milo that is) Steve is cute but Milo is just the very definition of adorable!!


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