Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rainy Day Fun, Fido Style

As you may know, it did nothing but rain all last weekend. On Friday night, this was a common scene in my living room.

(The actual chase shots were too blurry to share.)

On Saturday morning, there was more bickering than usual. (In this clip, Milo sounds downright vicious, but that's just special effects designed to intimidate. It's kind of hilarious, actually.)

Facing two days of pouring rain, I was thrilled when a friend on Facebook mentioned a "new" (July opening) indoor dog park in Green Bay.  I wasted no time in loading the dogs into the car to check it out. I'm very glad I did, as we spent more than an hour there on Saturday and then again on Sunday.

"Paws in Motion" is nothing fancy; it's basically a warehouse-type building with fenced-in areas for people to play with their dogs.  Here's a shot of Steve falling in love with a female pitbull puppy named Finley.

She was a perfect playmate for him, because she's just his size (and age) and is a real sweetheart.  Here's a clip of the two of them together, Milo tagging along.

While Milo loved playing with the big dogs, I really liked that I could keep him in a separate pen for at least some of the time.

He liked it, too, as he could fetch his ball without Steve or anyone else robbing him of it.

When I wasn't trying to videotape, I could roll the ball beneath both "gates," and Milo leaped over them (and back) time after time. (Meanwhile, Steve humped  frolicked with his lady friend.)

As you may remember, our treadmill is broken, so I'm not looking forward to a long winter with two dogs who need to be walked. There are actually several pet treadmills at Paws in Motion, though; maybe I'll be able to get Steve and Milo trained on those until ours is fixed.

Paws-in-Motion is very bare bones (please excuse the pun); they don't provide toys (unless you count the agility thingies), but they do provide poop bags and water dishes (I still bring my own.) They were also selling Halloween t-shirts when I was there--$5! Milo is especially enamoured with his, though he can't jump over the gates while wearing it. You probably noticed Steve modeling his. (Oh, dear. What have I become?)

It costs $5 to play at Paws in Motion for one day, and they do provide doggy daycare, but I didn't see any kennels or beds, so I'm not sure how that works. For $6, they'll also dog-sit for four hours; I could get a lot of errands and shopping done in that time, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that--To be honest, people love Milo so much that I'd be afraid to leave him there!

For $25, up to two dogs can play as often as they like for an entire month. I think that's a pretty great deal, considering I get five hours of sleeping puppies in exchange for one hour of play at that place. As winter approaches, I'm keeping Paws in Motion on my calendar.

p.s. I didn't write this post for any other reason than to spread the word and show you how much fun Steve and Milo had, but if you decide to join and tell them I sent you, you and I will each get a month for $20.


  1. Wow such a smart idea especially in places like where you live and the winters are brutal ! I knew Steve would be a ladies man!

  2. What a great idea. Now I want to buy one of those places and open it up here.

  3. What a great space--especially in the winter months!

  4. Seems like you've found the perfect playground for everyone and what a deal!!! Woohoo!

    I stepped out the back door yesterday and Pepper Nipper was throwin' a fit and a half. I rounded the corner to see what all the vicious barkin' was 'bout and there stood Farm Boy with the company truck. Silly girl continued to bark at him. 'Guess he was here at the WRONG time of day and was drivin' the WRONG pick up. Go figure!!!

    God bless and It's so good to see ya enjoyin' those puppies!

  5. Doggie Daycare! How cute! That is such a great idea! My dogs get along with each other fine, but I really don't know how they'd handle an open dog park. I'd be afraid to try.

    1. Dogs always behave better in public when their not leashed. In a controlled environment, they seem to police each other just fine.

  6. Halloween T-shirt - ? what I thought - then I realized they were for the dogs. I never cared for dressing up dogs maybe I'm old fashion. Just don't ever dress them up like deer in WI.

    1. I used to worry about our Golden during deer season--He wasn't the right height, of course, but still...

      I only dressed Cooper up once or twice, in a t-shirt that made us laugh really hard! That said, I've never been "that" dog owner...until now, I guess. I'm pretty sure I won't make a habit of it, though. Time will tell...


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