Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sundays in My City: Homecoming

Unknown Mami

 Weekly Winners is a photo meme hosted by the worldly Unknown Mami. 
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This past week, Kendall and Maren enjoyed Homecoming festivities at Tinytown High School.

Here's a shot of Kendall and some fellow seniors dressed up for "Character Day."
 (She's Peter Pan.)

Because Maren's "school uniform" is a band t-shirt and skinny jeans, 
I enjoyed seeing her join in the costume fun. 
In case you're too young (or old) to remember, these are "80's" outfits.

It's getting chilly around here...

The drastically-different temperature of Friday night football games 
keep catching the girls a little unprepared, dress-wise, 
but they manage to have a great time, anyway.

I couldn't wait to see photos of Maren all gussied up for the dance. 

Here she is, eating the traditional carrot-sticks-and-celery pre-dance hors d'oeuvres.

My two beauties...

Clearly I did not take this photo (waaahhhh on the no-camera issue), 
for I would have noticed the chair in the way, but you get the idea.

 Both girls said they had a ball last night, dancing a ton, no drama, feeling free.
Kendall says she is having the time of her life this school year; 
I'm glad she's getting the most out of her last year of high school.

It's going by quickly already! :)

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  1. They look great! Its great to see these photos of the girls. Looks like they are connecting well. :)

  2. Gorgeous! Love the dresses! Looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Participating is the only way to enjoy high school and college. Glad they are making the most of it! And they are both beautiful.

  4. They have a way of taking you back to your own school days don't they? No drama - the best.

  5. It really sound like both girls are having a fun year, that's great, they both look super cute. Now, how about some more pics/stories of Milo? I love that boy ! :)

  6. Lovely girls.

    Lovely football.

    Lovely dance.

    I'm so glad Kendall and Maren appear to be bonding.

  7. Okay never mind my email question....girls look gorgeous! Wow how Kendall has grown up! Looks like a fun week! Don't you love drama free dances!

  8. The chair in the way is actually quite amusing. It looks like it's trying to upstage everyone.

    Both girls are gorgeous.


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