Sunday, November 25, 2012

Puppy Update

I figure it's about time I shared a puppy update.

Steve is about a week shy of five months old. Milo is almost seven months old. 
Steve still sits like a lazy teenager.

We had our first real snow this weekend. 
At first, Milo was the cautious one, but he soon became adventurous. 

And btw, I was not prepared for all the little iceballs
 that attached themselves to Milo whenever he played outside. 
I did have a cute little red vest for him to wear on walks, though.
(Sorry--forgot to take a pic of that. If you're ever taken two rambunctious puppies for a walk,
you know that a camera is the last thing on your mind.)

Milo continues to hold the "Top Dog" position, but he has to work hard for it.
He is also still very much attached to me, as evidenced by a recent observation from Maren,
as we got into the car in our garage and could hear Milo protesting from inside the house.
"He sounds like he's trying to escape from an ax murderer or something," she observed.
Hearing the desperate scratching and wailing from behind the metal door, I couldn't disagree.

He doesn't reserve his affections for me, though; Milo is a real lover.
Like it or not, if he's near your face, you're done for.

but really, this face is hard to refuse...

He's the kind of dog that makes everyone he meets feel like a superstar; 
so much love to give, wagging his tail like he couldn't think of anyone he'd rather see.
Inside the house, Milo is the sweetest dog I could have ever hoped for. 
(We're still working on getting him to come inside when called.)

I really can't complain about Steve, either.
He's a beautiful dog, he listens very well (especially when Milo isn't around),
 loves chillin' in his kennel when we need him to, 
and shows a lot of affection. 

My only complaint would be that he likes to bully Milo regularly. 
To counter that, I try to make sure he gets enough exercise.  
I bought a treadmill last weekend (Thank you, Rachael!!!!!) 
and we are beginning to train Steve on it. Here's Day 1:

So far, he loves it,
 though Mr.4444 pointed out that he takes in more calories than he burns on his "treatmill."

Milo is not a fan; treatmill/treadmill--He's not falling for it.



  1. I really want a Milo and I'm not even a dog person. Every time I see that sweet dog I want one just like him.

  2. Is there any way to link back to my blog on this thing?
    Rebecca from Just Another Blog

  3. Hm. I'm not sure. Lemme check something...

  4. When I click on my name, it shows my blog address and Disqus commenting history. Do you have a Disqus profile? Maybe Lisleman or Unknown Mami can help...

  5. I replied to your comment via my post, but when I see it here in my email, Disqus shows you as "Unregistered." I think you have to have join Disqus, make sure your blog is listed in your profile, and then people can click on your name to lead to your blog. Sorry about that.

  6. I went back into Disqus and put in my web site URL.

    I am only trying to get enough information in there to be helpful in leaving comments on disqus forms - - - I don't plan to use it myself on my blog. That's probably why I didn't think I needed to put in my web site in the first place.

    Is it better now????

  7. I think Milo needs a Florida vacation to escape all that snow. I'll send you my address. ;-)

  8. Keetha your update to Disqus will work well on my comment section too.

  9. Yes you need a Disqus profile and be logged into it for the link back and info stuff to work.

  10. love the treadmill idea. Please keep that snow up there for awhile.

  11. Steve doesn't look too sure of himself yet, but I think he'll pick it up real quick. Cute video!

  12. Steve on the treadmill is cracking me up. It is a great idea, though.

    They are both very, very cute.

  13. Steve is getting big and Milo just cannot possibly get any cuter. They are both just adorable. We have a bully too. He is getting much better, in front of us anyway.

  14. Labs will do anything - literally anything - for treats. ;-)

    Has Steve been having any more seizures?

  15. Mr. 4444 was just saying that he has never known a cuter, sweeter puppy than Milo; we hit the jackpot on that one! Thankfully, Steve is a wonderful dog, too. We are lucky :)

  16. Nothing--no seizures that I've noticed.

    Now that you've mentioned it, I bet I could get Steve to do it for a stick! :)

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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