Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Stupid" Human Tricks

My daughter is a pretzel; she can bend her arms and fingers in ways that defy nature. 
In the past, I showed you an example, in Wanna See Something Sick.  
Recently (dressed as Peter Pan for Spirit Week at Tinytown High School),
 she performed this trick.

No, she does not come by this flexibility from me.

How about you--Do you have a special talent?
(Don't be afraid to share a link if you have it on video!)

And, if you haven't see enough "stupid human tricks," check this out.


  1. That is frakingly flexibly weird, she definitely has a talent. I play piano, but I'm so sucky at it still, better not put it on video...I loooooove MIlo...:)

  2. I saw this video and thought of you. It's one of those hidden prank video's.


  3. Unbelievable--I JUST watched that video via a share from Kyle! It's right up my alley, of course; I laughed pretty hard every time she screamed! I've already got it on the lineup for Monday :) Thanks for thinking of me!

  4. That is so cool! I have hyperflexible shoulders. I've never tried that, but you know I'm going to now!


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