Sunday, December 23, 2012

Facebook Funnies

Most people on Facebook don't have blogs, but many of them provide plenty of blog-worthy tidbits. Today I came across several:

From Susi (who has a husband and three boys): Living in an ALL MALE household, it has become apparent that I will be out voted on many things. Tonight we are eating at Hooters...

From Meadow (Whose maiden name is Lark, incidentally. Can you guess the decade she grew up in?):  Email at work yesterday from supervisor with typo......"Merry Christmas to all f you." Laughed so hard I cried! Ho ho

From Marcee (Sadly, I can relate):

From Honest and Truly:  So I lost all the presents I bought a month ago. I hid them so well, I couldn't find them anywhere. I actually called a friend hoping I'd given them to her to hide. I finally found them an hour later after searching everywhere in my house - including inside the cat house, I really mean everywhere! - I looked again where they should have been and... Voila. I've officially lost all signs of sanity. 

I can relate to that; Kendall asked me (nicely) if I could please try to give her all of her gifts at once this year, instead of  finding some of them months later. Ingrate!

And finally, from Kyle, this afternoon...

Speaking of Kyle, he's on that Greyhound, headed home to stay for the next month or so. It'll be so nice to have our family together again! 

Got all of my Christmas gifts wrapped and ready to go (a first!). Here's hoping you have time to laze around a little today, too :)


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