Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snow and Puppies and Music...Awww

Yesterday, after 3-5 inches of snow fell overnight, 
I left for school in the dark and barely noticed our winter wonderland, 
since I was mostly trying just to stay on the road.

I had been hoping to take the day off to get some things done,
but my sub hadn't work out.
Oh, well...

After being at school for about an hour, I was told that they had a sub for me!
So, I headed home, and this time, it was like I'd been given a gift--
the skies were a gorgeous blue, and the trees were snow-laden; it was stunning.
Since I no longer have a decent camera, 
I didn't even try to capture the treasure before me;I just drank it in
(while watching the road, of course).
It was perfect.

After school, Kendall and a friend got together, and she snapped this beauty with her iPhone.

Incredible, right?! I knew you had to see it.

I had a very productive time off--I made six different to-do lists, which may not seem like fun to you, but it makes me less stressed-out when I can finally sit down and at least know what I'm forgetting to take care of. I also got some housework done and went to a few appointments. I feel like I'm caught up now.

Today, I took Milo and Steve to their first doggy daycare.  After a day of keeping up with the "big dogs," Milo came home exhausted, happy, and covered in dry dog slobber. I wish I'd taken a photo of him falling asleep sitting up in the car, but obviously, I was driving, so here he is after a nap and a good brushing, back at home. Apparently, dog slobber is like conditioner, because he actually looks pretty stinkin' cute, in my not-so humble opinion.

Our tree still isn't decorated, but I turned on the Christmas spirit tonight, or should I say that some of my students did; I went to the 6th grade Christmas concert, which I always love, and tonight was no exception.

The little girls, all dressed up and feeling proud, with attitudes to match the formality but also wearing sweet little smiles that barely contained their enthusiasm. So cute.

Artie performed beautifully in the concert (which has stressed him out for a week). Surprisingly, he was even talked into wearing dress shoes and pants that resembled yoga pants, but hey--that's an improvement over his regular uniform of sweatpants with huge logos on them. This was a milestone for him; his first "big" concert with his family in attendance, and he didn't even look up the choir director's skirt this time, which is nice.

Billy was so cute--He wore a beautiful blue dress shirt and tie with dress pants and shoes. Being in a room full of people, let alone full of giddy prepubescent peers is not Billy's idea of a good time (any more than it is mine or yours) but he managed to hold it together, sitting stiffly, a look of concentration on his face. Near the end of concert prep, the director reminded her warblers to have fun. "But not too much fun." piped in Billy (sincerely), which made everyone laugh and broke the before-show tension. I'm really proud of him. 

After the concert, Billy beamed. "I'm so glad you came to my concert, Mrs.4444."

"Me, too," I said, and I meant it.


  1. >LOVE Kendall's snow laden trees picture.

    I think we have just about that same amount of snow here. It came down all day today, though I don't think there was any new accumulation.

    I HOPE this early snow bodes well for a COLDER SNOWIER winter than what we had last year.

  2. Lovely photo. So glad the concert was putting you in the spirit. And

  3. That should have said billy was a nice young man for saying that.

  4. Omg that picture Kendall took is incredible! We keep having snow but it rarely sticks! Glad you got your semi day off and stuff done. And the concert....seriously love this part of your job. Have a great day!

  5. the iPhone camera works really well. It not hard for me to think of time when taking a picture with a phone was absurd. Those characters in your class make any activity different it seems. thanks for sharing

  6. Woohoo!!! Surprise...I'm still alive!!! What a beautiful picture that Kendall captured, 'a real winter wonderland for sure!

    Ya gotta love those students!

    God bless you sweetie and I hope your enjoyin' the season. Drop on over...I've gotta table full of fudge and candies curin'!!! I could sure use a bowl licker.....'just sayin'............

  7. That picture is so pretty. Snow makes such a great background for pictures.

    I'm glad to hear that Milo had a great time at doggie daycare.

  8. The picture: beautiful. Milo: Adorable. Seeing students perform (and behaving): Priceless!

  9. Oh my, what a BEAUTIFUL picture of the snow! I'm jealous - I'm wishing for some snow here, but it really doesn't look like we'll be getting any snow any time soon. :-(


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