Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sundays in My City: Holiday Prep

Unknown Mami
Sundays in My City is a weekly photo meme,
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Yesterday was a busy day for us! 
The girls and I had birthday lunch for Michelle, 
and then we hit the holiday-prep ground running. 

First, we picked a tree out and prepped it for later.

Kyle and his girlfriend Alayna were here (to go to the Packers/Lions game tonight), and Alayna pitched right in to help roll out the cut-out cookies while I made krumkake and the "Norwegian Pepper Cookie" dough.

We set up the tree (on a cinder-block pedestal to keep it out of the dogs' reaches) and then settled in to watch Elf, our favorite Christmas movie. After a quick break to let the dogs out, we all curled up again when suddenly Mr.4444 marched into the living room in this, his favorite Halloween costume from years' past.

What can I say? It's impossible to quell the man's Christmas spirit. (My mom would have been proud.) And yes; that's syrup.

Today, I made the Pepperkakers, the recipe for which you can find here.

It snowed here, finally, but Mr.4444 says it won't stay long.  The dogs loved it, and it bums me out to say I have no camera capable of capturing the silliness. (Sorry.) 

So, that's it for my weekend. I still have a tree to decorate and a very messy kitchen to finish up. How about you? How was your weekend?

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[Please forgive the quality of these photos; they were each taken with different cellphones.]


  1. Love the tree even though it's being dragged it looks just perfect. And why hold the syrup in a tree photo? Get distracted during breakfast and forget to put it down?

  2. I remember going out as a kid, and cutting our own Christmas tree. It was a fun tradition.

  3. Looks like it was a very FUN weekend as well as a busy one.

    I think I've told you before that I also have a son Kyle, but your Kyle looks more like my son Kyle's friend Keaton.

    Just thought I'd share that.

    FH is a bit worried about tonight's game - - - we shall see what we shall see.

  4. Love the Elf costume. Mr. 4444 rocks?

  5. I've made "pfeffernusse" a few times; turns out one of my g'mothers used to make them for Christmas. The pepper threw me off, too, but man, they're good! :)
    LOVE Elf!

  6. What a fun Christmasey weekend! I need to make and bake cut out cookies with my Granddaughter. Thanks for sharing your holiday fun with us.

  7. I don't get the syrup. Looks like all of you had a great time

  8. Shame on you, Bill! You don't know the four main food groups for an Elf?!

  9. that is probably in the movie - right? I might be the only in my family that didn't care much for the movie. I've laughed at a few scenes but the movie just didn't hold my attention. I don't know if you have listed favorite Christmas movie before - a few of mine - It's a Wonderful Life, Home Alone, A Christmas Story.

  10. Candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup are the four mail food groups for an elf.

    Our favorite is Elf, followed closely by Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation :)

  11. The tree you picked is so pretty. I'm a Christmas decoration fan, hopefully we'll get to see the finished product. We are moving into a new place on the 15th, I'm not sure if It will be worth it to get a tree but I'm thinking about a white one. Interesting cookies. I lived once on an island with a whole bunch of Norwegian people and the customs were so interesting to me. The town did this thing on Christmas day called Julebukking. It was pretty cool.

  12. I love the tree farm and your tree is so pretty! I wouldn't have thought of a platform to put the tree on. Instead, I'd be a glutton for punishment. LOL


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