Thursday, January 3, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #230

Mommy's Idea

Hooray! Hooray! It's Friday!
If you're like me, you had a short week, too; what a gift!
Even with the short week, though, I've got plenty of bits and pieces to throw into a post.
How about you? 

***My mom is the kind of cheerleader everyone needs on their side. Last Friday, some of my family members went bowling, and she tagged along. I had some high moments, as well as some not-so impressive ones, and Mom was so cute, cheering me along. (Of course, she cheered for everyone who was bowling, but I'm only sharing the stuff she said to me, because I was otherwise busy bowling, Silly!)

"Good girl!" She'd cry after a strike. "You're a good girl!"

After I bowled a spare, Mom kept my ego in check with, "Wow! One would almost think you knew what you were doing!" She's so funny... 

"Oh wow! You did it! You're a great girl."

She's such a sweetheart.

***I had an epiphany this week and wrote a heartfelt post about it. If you haven't read In Which I Am Enlightened by Athiests, I would really appreciate your checking it out. If you've already read it, thank you.

***I have started incorporating chia seeds into my diet this week. They're apparently loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids and work miracles on bad cholesterol levels, as well as arthritis. They also improve brain function. I don't have any healthy conditions to worry about right now (as far as I know), but I've been hearing great things about chia, so I figure it can't hurt. This just in: They also, apparently, make you feel full and thus help you avoid overeating. Sadly, I haven't notice a bit of difference, so far.

***I also juiced for the first time, tonight. Here's what I included, along with some spinach and parsley:

Kyle proclaimed my concoction "disgusting" but drank it all (because he likes being healthy). I drank all of mine because I thought it tasted okay, and I like being healthy, too. My main goal is really to just have nice skin and hair. The trouble is, I'm still eating garbage every chance I get, too. One goal at a time, I guess...

***For those missing Milo and Steve, here's a Hello shot from them:

Speaking of dogs, Milo and Steve, sick last week from viruses they got at doggy daycare (sadly) are completely well now, thank goodness. Poor Milo lost two pounds! For some reason, though, they have started bickering quite a bit; if I give them each a bone, they have to fight over one of them. Somebody's gonna get hurt!

***And now for my BIG news: I'm getting a new CAMERA!!!!  OMG! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!!! No more crappy photos on my blog! Finally, a new header update! At last, I will be able to fulfill my daily need to capture the beauty all around me. I don't remember the last time I was so geeked out. Stay tuned; as soon as I figure out how to use it, you will know! :)

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  1. Mom, I'm so glad that you're getting a new camera! You really deserve it! Have a great week! xoxo


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