Thursday, January 10, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #231

Mommy's Idea

SO sorry I was late tonight!
It's been an incredibly busy week! 
I can't remember the last time I only posted once in a week's time!

***Well, I'm over the juicing thing; I just can't stand wasting so much food. I know I could freeze the resulting pulp "for soups" or whatever, but I know myself well enough to know I really won't use it. I'm shifting my focus to maybe the Nutribullet. I don't suppose any of you have one? If so, I'd love to hear what you think of it.

***Ever wonder what's the big deal about using the word retarded? You can learn a lot about it here, but a quote that I really liked is this one:

The R-word is DEROGATORY“Because the word has become a casual description of anything negative or flawed, ‘retarded’ is no longer considered an appropriate way to describe people with intellectual disabilities. And any use of the word, even when used as slang and not intended to be offensive, is hurtful - because it will always be associated with people who have disabilities.” – Sara Mitton, Board Member, Treasure Valley Down Syndrome Association

***I stuck my neck out a little via Twitter last week by sharing the link in the previous fragment and copying in a certain comedian who apparently uses the word to refer to his son (with autism) in his act. I also asked him: And I'm just curious--Are you okay with kids at school calling your son a "retard"? Just trying to understand your pov. ("pov" being Point of View, of course)  The remarkable degree of resulting harassment that I got from two of the comedian's fans fascinates me. Really? You want to use the most vile cuss words known to man because I "attacked" the man? Wow.  I blocked one and just ignored the other; life's too short.

***I HAVE A NEW CAMERA!!!! SO HAPPY! Too busy to take many photos this week...stay tuned.

***Kendall is home from the Bahamas!!!!! Gosh, we missed that kid! She arrived home at 4:30am this morning and popped into our bedroom to say hi.  Milo an absolute seizure of gladness to see her again. After sleeping today, Kendall his the ground running: choir performance tonight, musical rehearsal tomorrow, babysitting this weekend, and Lord knows what else.

Here's the Linky! I'll be back....

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