Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #233

Mommy's Idea

My favorite day of the week is Friday, of course; I get to unload all of the randomness from my week and feel refreshed for the weekend. On that note, here are some other favorites for your fragmented enjoyment:

***This is my favorite breakfast, of late:

I sprinkle the Qi'a stuff into my yogurt, and it adds a delightful texture. Total calories are about 300. I went out on a limb buying the Qi'a (such strange-sounding ingredients), but I'm glad I did. Click on the link to learn all about its goodness.

***My new favorite tv show: Double Divas  It's a reality show about two southern women who own a lingerie store in Atlanta. I adore both of these women, because they are not pretentious at all. They dance the line between trashy and ??? with grace. Here's the "trailer" for the show, in case you're interested:

***I really love Kyle's girlfriend, Alayna; she is a gem. She's a hard-working, smart, beautiful, funny, down-to-earth nursing student. I think he picked a winner :)

***Google is my favorite tech-related thing, of course, and I'm giving two presentations tomorrow at my school's in-service. I'm excited, because I'll be sharing Way More Than 20 Ways to Use Google Apps in the classroom, so I know it won't be a waste of people's time.

***I'm getting really excited about my favorite musical performer, Kendall 4444!!! OMG--I cannot wait until mid-February, for Opening Night (Thoroughly Modern Millie) so it's a good thing she sings her part at home, too, and I get a little taste now and then.  I plan to be at every performance, of course (It's her senior year and she as a supporting lead--I'm going to soak this up, People!) 

***I've got a very full weekend planned--an outing to Door County with two of my sisters, volunteering at a huge music boosters fundraiser on Sunday, and hopefully squeezing in some time to take Kendall shopping for a winter coat that will meet the challenges of Minnesota winters :)  

That said, I hope to catch up with you soon! Here's the linky for your Friday Fragments! [If this is your first time, please click on the FF tab above. Thanks!]

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  1. I couldn't get the link to work where the story about your son's girlfriend was featured (I guess).....

    Oh, I'd love to hear your daughter sing in Thoroughly Modern Millie! She'll be wonderful and you'll enjoy every minute!


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