Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Message from Mom Vlog

I finally got a hold of Mom, and I'm happy to report that she's fully recovered from whatever ailed her last week. When I asked if she'd had a flu shot, she laughed and said that I was the "fifth or sixth child" who'd asked that question (and yes, she did). (What a lucky mom, to have so many kids looking after her, no? :)

Mom said she's starting a new, 1000-piece new puzzle with "about as many cats as pieces!"  She also shared that Lincoln is on her agenda for this weekend. Wondering if I've seen Les Miserables (I haven't.), she declared, "Don't miss it, Girl! It's magnificent!  Just be sure and go potty first; that's a long one!"

So there you have it--A little update and a movie review to boot!

Update: Mom gave her blessing on sharing her voicemail. She then called me back, a few minutes later, to offer this joke (which she heard at the YMCA during her water aerobics class):

Two ladies Mom's age were having lunch together when one turned to the other and exclaimed, "What in the world is that in your ear?!  Is that...? It looks like...a suppository!"
"Oh, great! replied her friend. "Now I know where my other hearing aide went!"

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