Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #238

Mommy's Idea

Oops. Accidentally pulled the trigger on my Friday Fragments post a day early.
 (You're welcome.haha)
Link up with the bits and pieces of your week that are too short for posts of their own
but still worthy of mention.
If this is your first time fragmenting, please click on the tab above to learn more.

***I laughed out loud at Eight New Punctuation Marks We Desperately Need. My favorite is this one,

photo courtesy of College Humor

but there are many others you should really check out; seriously. Very funny.

***Yesterday, a student frustrated by issues at home said angrily, "Sometimes I just wish I could go to the bomb store, buy a bomb, light it, and set it right next to my dad!"

***Today was a rough day; a big boy body-checked me because he was upset at someone else. I'm lying on my couch with an icepack on my neck, hoping the pain is just temporary.

***As a result of my wonderful massage-therapist cousin's recommendation, I have started taking Calm natural magnesium supplement.  It tastes great and I figure it can't hurt. I also ordered one of these for a troublespot on my left "wing" (too much time on the computer, I think) and cannot wait to receive it in the mail!

Speaking of Friday Fragments, why not link yours below?

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