Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #242

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Welcome to Friday Fragments, where random rules!
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***Got a high school sophomore? Put the PSAT (fall) test on your radar now. We learned the hard way that that test is absolutely necessary in order to be eligible for National Merit Scholarships. Don't ask me if Kendall took it (We feel bad enough already.)

***Feeling lucky? Got a cute photo of your infant or toddler in a costume? Consider entering this contest.

***I'm so excited! It's not even April yet, but my birthday cake is already 10% filled! Check it out here. (If you have no clue what I'm talking about, visit My Birthday Wish post (link is in my sidebar).

***The teacher pictured below is 70-something year old retired and beloved principal who subs all over our district.

Everywhere he goes, children throw their arms around him for a hug. In the photo, Mr. P is rubbing his belly, because he's leading thirty 12-year-olds in the Found a Peanut song, which is a ritual he follows in every class he joins. These students know him from grade school. You should have seen these "big kids" doing all the hand motions and singing the song they fondly associate with Mr. P (probably since kindergarten). I'm so glad they don't care about looking "cool" when he's around; it was absolutely adorable. I wonder what grade at which he stops singing that song.

***Big election coming up in these parts next week; if our referendum questions don't pass, I'll be concerned about the future of our district and glad that my kids will be in college by the time the effects appear. At the very least, we need to of the four questions to pass. Fingers crossed!

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