Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sundays in My City: Cast Party Finale

Unknown Mami

It's one thing to invite 60 teenagers to your house for a musical cast party in the middle of summer
but in winter, you have to get creative; where to put all of the coats?!
Here's what we did--This is a 20-foot long loft area that overlooks the livingroom.
(It's about time we found a use for that space.)

 Fortunately, we also have what's called a "bonus room" in these parts; 
it's the space over our 3-stall garage.
That's where many of the kids hung out during the party,
which started at 10pm; crazy, I know, but that's when cast parties happen, apparently.

 Who knew Just Dance would be such a hit?

Another huge hit at the party was the game, Quelf
I highly, highly recommend Quelf for good, clean, 
ridiculous fun for teenagers, as well as adults.

 The puppies (When do they become dogs?) were a huge hit, too, of course. 
Steve was in absolute heaven, as was Milo (being passed from one adoring fan to another).


Lest you think we can afford to feed 60 teenagers (even for one night),
 know that each kid donated $3 to help cover the pizzas, 
which were discounted by our favorite pizza folks at Figaro's.

And if you were worried about our carpet, you're not alone. 
We had that covered, too.

Around one in the morning, I was surprised to find myself completely exhausted!
(I'm a night-person, after all.)

I guess being surrounded by even positive energy (the kids were awesome) can wipe a person out!
Thirty minutes and one mostly-clean house later, we had our house back
and a little something for the garbage man.

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